Who We Are

Ιdeal Pain is a musical project formed in 2015 by the composer-guitarist Heretic (Admonisher) and the vocalist Sandra Kakioni.



Heretic is a child of 80s heavy-power metal. His other band , Admonisher, is a combination of modern power metal with classical elements. The first album ‘Face the axe’ was released in 2004 and the second one, ‘One Love’, in 2010.  In 2012 Admonisher released their last recording, the single ‘Can you remember me’. The video clip ‘Inner Cry’ was presented in Greek MTV and all releases took positive comments from many Greek magazines and e-zines, including Greek Metal Hammer , Rock Hard etc..Heretic loves music composition, guitar playing, lyrics writing, riding his bike and living in the hard way!



Sandra Kakioni

Sandra Kakioni is a greek singer-musician.She was born in Athens in a family of lawyers. Due to her parents' love for music, she appreciated it at an early age. At 4, she got her first guitar as a present and after a long time of practising she got her diploma in classical guitar.By the time she finished school,before entering university, she spoke English, French and was a professional ballroom dancer,as well. At 20,she started working as a singer alongside with many famous greek artists. Her brother introduced her to rock and metal music, which she loved eversince. Her favourite artists are Jorn Lande, Russel Allen, R.J.Dio, David Coverdale and Bruce Dickinson. Presently she performs live and is a web radio producer, as well. She is also member of the band Ideal Pain, launching their first album "Mask".

  Mask’ is the first official release, 10 songs of power-gothic metal.


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