ideal-pain mask cover album

Mask’ is the first official release , 10 songs of power-gothic metal.


Standing in front of the mirror for quite a while, he felt as if he had been hypnotized before regaining his consciousness.

“How long have I been standing here?” The possibility of days having passed filled him with terror. He struggled to recall the last reflection of an ordinary object throughout his day…

During his afternoon ride through the inner city, he came upon a scarlet, velvet rose that had just blossomed, so he sought to smell it and caress its petals. He bowed towards the rose and before its exquisite essence had penetrated his senses, he was caught in loud uproar: “Behold this sad madman! Smelling the flowers! Touching them!” The crowd surrounded him in no time. They pointed at the miasma and derided him.

“If you abided by the law of this city, your face wouldn’t be tainted,” a noisemaker raved. He stared at them vaguely. A thought dominated his mind: the scent and the velvet feeling of the rose petal was worth more than sneering! Having no regrets, he was about to do it all over again. He really deplored his fellowmen, who, appalled by the ‘gang’ of the local lords, were sterile, avoiding touch, mere glances and emotion. They gabbled incessantly to conjure away the silence – hearts synchronize in silence, whispering secrets to each other.

Now he couldn’t remember how he ended up in front of his mirror, observing the marks on his face. Though he could find no reasonable explanation, any explanation at all, to what the meaning of those strange marks on his face was, he was positive that it was all about an odd coded language.

Riding for hours, no helmet on, he longed for the cool wind on his face. Perhaps for the last time. His mind worked in mysterious ways, making more intimidating U turns than those of his bike. There was no coming back for him. The moon had risen and the sun was setting when his bike stood still at the edge of a cliff. He got off. He gazed at the valley and the city lights, motionless. Everything seemed so small and trivial from high above! His inner conflict was so intense that he almost felt the ground constantly shaking. He suddenly sensed a stare on his back and turned his head to see a white glowing ethereal being with long dark hair standing nearby, locking eyes with him, calling him into her arms. Enchanted, he moved near her and knelt. She smiled yet she was weeping soundlessly.

She lowered her head out of shame. “I was waiting for you,” she said. “Am I late?” he asked. She said nothing, just touched the marks on his face with her fingertips, as if she touched ebony keys, an invisible score on his face.

He was the melody and she was the voice.

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Only eye witness

Those early days
That memory can't erase
Back into time
The veil covers the night

Felt no desire
Only a long pain
Life with no answers
Secrets with no name

(bridge) (spoken)
That’s the time I only know
It's the time of no desire

Only eye-witness
In portraits of ego
An endless mirror (bleeding shadows) τη 2η και 4η φορα
The only believer

I dream away
While living for the past
A true relief
A never ending path



Why can't  I be myself ?

(Verse 1)

Living in anger , bleeding inside
 Internal healing my sorrow alive
Escape is a rapture , escaping my feelings
I can't see my own face , what I'm only dreaming

Why can't I be myself? Can I be myself?
 See a real idol , not a marionette
Why can't I be myself? Can I be myself?
Say no lies to my inner self

(Verse 2)

My tears falling, am I really sad?
Where is my enemy? Which is my command?
My demons are dancing with angelic voice
Which path am I taking? Do I have a choice?




Holy descent

(Verse 1)

Every time I look in the mirror
I see a reason to fear of
Everything inside is a stranger
Like a fading cry of an angel
Need to throw my pride out of the game
To call me again with the real name
Need to break away of the life chains
Light the dawn and shout


Holy descent –  You want my own life
Preachers – I will destroy you
Holy descent – You hypnotize (From ashes I will rise again)
I'll rise again

(Verse 2)

Every time I look through people
I see them veiling their figures
Words are used to hurt each other
Hidden secrets to discover
Every pray and hope to meet real love
lost and gone, you are not the real one
There are faces nothing you know of
Real people are not what you see





Deep in my mind
Thoughts are calling
Whenever you appear

You, my ego
You're my shadow
Persona in my dreams

Offer your mask
My cry is real
Uncover your face
The way to heal
Angels and demons' fear
Offer your mask
Reveal the pain
Uncover your face
A song remains
Angels and demons' name

Black is your light
Dark is my dawn
As I dress your shield

Mask is falling
Rapture's coming
As I touch and feel



Walk through circles

(Verse 1)

The entry point
My agony
Where can I go?
What should I seek?

(Verse 2)

The final stage
Into the void
Where is the end?
Light in the dark?


Walk through circles
In thoughts I cannot tame
Walk through circles
in roads that fade away

Can't find the edge
Point to hold on
Can't find the way
Where to move on

Only a step
To find the joy
Heaven and hell
Feeling so close



Split or twins

(Verse 1)

Split – just as I close my eyes
Twins – just as I see the light
When past - it is an endless road
When eyes - see only strangers’ will

(Verse 2)

No joy can embrace me
No sadness befalls me
No friends no foes before me
Madmen, keepers of lunacy


Split or twins? In my own world
Split or twins? In the shadows
Everyday battle within me
Faces under the same skin

(Two different ego's, two different souls
No matter where I am, no matter how much pain
Guardians of ego , reminders of the past
Traces of a lost memory)

(Verse 3)

Split – when it is time for lies
Twins –when it is time for truth
When past - it is an endless road
When eyes - see only strangers’ will



Divine relief

I want happiness
the rapture to find
No more loneliness
And no self-disguise

I want Aphrodite
the secret taste of her sweet smile
Inside me

I hear the voices – divine relief
Save me from torture
I hear the voices-divine relief
Help me find my way

I want no more lies
The truth is my life
I want  mysteries
 That hide in the dark




I'm not the one to share your dreams
I'm not the one for you, it seems
This love is gone, this love is torn
This love is shattered by the storm

My heart is cold, I can't go on
You cannot take back what is wrong
It's not a game, it's not the same
There's no more you and me

And I don't want to explain
It's just the way I feel...all this pain
I can't pretend anymore
To be the one I was before

Our love won't survive
cannot stay alive

I won't forgive, I won't forget
The time I tried, now I regret
You ruined a love you should protect
Now feel the agony of death

I'm not the one I used to be
So you no longer count on me
My faith is lost, my faith is gone
I want it over now



I'm the truth

(Verse 1)

People teaching
How to act wise
Ways to live life

(Verse 2)

No emotions
Fake smiling
The Erinyes
Behind me


No God is my friend
Evil is his son
Prayers are taken away
Father, where are you?
Mother-spell my name
And then you call me deceiver
I am the truth, I am the truth
Behind the mask
There is no lie, there is no lie
In eyes , in touch

Thoughts now chase me
Nightmares coming
Ego pleasure
Defines me

Good and Evil
Dance upon me
Made to cover
Made to lie


 would like to thank the following partners for their participation in making this effort come true.
The ideal video-clip crew. Dimitris Parlavatzas (director), Gianis Maragkakis (camera and editing), Alex Makris (Quad Copter) Fotini Psimmenou, Rania Papazisi, Antonis Maragkakis (actors). Dimitris Parlavatzas for Cover Art,  Rania Papazisi for logos and Fotini Psimmenou for fantasystory.

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